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Into a world of eternal life, he brought the gift of death.

Feb 06,1974

Hollywood Movies | Action | Fantasy | Thriller

Ratings: 5.4 / 10 from

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Length: 105 Minute(s)
In the far future, a savage trained only to kill finds a way into the community of bored immortals that alone preserves humanity's achievements.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In Zardoz's head there are topless men and women wrapped in plastic (?). A topless woman is shown riding a horse. The pyramid structure has photos (?) of nude men and women on the ceiling. Avalow feels up Zed. There are several nude male sculptures and one nude female mannequin shown. A slide show is shown featuring various paintings and photos of sexuality. Zed is shown a porno which features a woman massaging her breasts. Zed is shown a video of nude female mud wrestling. May and Consuella are shown topless. Avalow is shown topless. During the orgy scene, three couples are shown having sex. Two of the women and one man are topless. o No one is seen bottomless. May is shown topless during the osmosis scene. Consuella is shown nude giving birth. (shot from the side) Consuella is topless while breastfeeding. Consuella's son is shown topless. (during four stages of life)
violence Multiple acts of gun and sword violence. Multiple assaults, including one sexual assault. Multiple whippings. One of the exterminators cut's a person's throat. Zed rapes a woman. (not graphic) An impalement. During the orgy scene a woman is shown with a slit throat. Zed and Consuella's skeleton's are shown.

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