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The flip side of Sherlock Holmes

Oct 21,1988

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Crime | Thriller | Mystery

Ratings: 5.6 / 10 from

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Length: 107 Minute(s)
Sherlock Holmes is as dashing as ever, but with a little secret: Dr. Watson is the brains behind the operation. When Reginald Kincaid, the actor he has hired to play Holmes becomes insufferable, Watson fires him and tries to go out on his own, but finds that he has done too good a job building Holmes up in the public's mind.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman is pinched on the backside (not seen) twice. A man looks through a keyhole to see a woman in lingerie - she is seen extending her leg provocatively. A man is described as a womanizer. A "female" character is revealed to actually be a transvestite. Several times men flirt with him/her not realizing that they are flirting with a man.
violence Near the end on two separate occasions there are gun fights and at the beginning there is a gun fight people are injured and killed
alcohol There is smoking and drinking through out the film.
frightening Near the end some on is blown up. Near the end Dr. Watson is thought to be killed in a gun fight. The gun fights and an attempt on Dr. Watson's life may be frightening.

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