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Where the Wild Things Are

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There's one in all of us.

Oct 16,2009

Hollywood Movies | Family | Fantasy

Ratings: 6.3 / 10 from

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Length: 101 Minute(s)
Max imagines running away from his mom and sailing to a far-off land where large talking beasts -- Ira, Carol, Douglas, the Bull, Judith and Alexander -- crown him as their king, play rumpus, build forts and discover secret hideaways.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man and a woman kiss lightly on the lips as a boy watches, hidden from sight.
violence A monster goes out of control and chases Max threatening to eat him alive. Carol is an angry character who smashes all of the Wild Things homes. Max and the wild things have a dirt clod war. Some characters are injured. Max is stepped on in a snowball fight by teenagers but he cries because they destroyed his snow igloo. He then gets angry at his sister and destroys her room. Max threatens to eat his mother and then bites her. One of the wild things has his arm pulled off, no blood is present, instead something which appears to be sand or dust pours from the wound. He also does not appear to feel any pain, simply remarking "That was my favorite arm" It is later replaced with a stick.
profanity Mild: 1 hell and 1 damn
alcohol A woman and her date drink wine together.
frightening The entire movie is quite intense, emotionally speaking. In the beginning, Max and his mother yell and scream at each other until Max runs away. The Wild Things are a bunch of creatures whose personalities embody various experiences of adolescent angst. Carol is an angry character who smashes all of the Wild Thing's homes. The wild thing's appearances may be frightening to younger viewers. The boat scene where it storms is intense. The scene where a monster threatens to eat Max and chases him is frightening and intense. During this scene, KW physically swallows Max in order to hide and protect him, and Max stays in her stomach for quite a while. She eventually pulls him out of her stomach through her mouth. Max returns home to what appears to be an empty home. For a short period of time we are unsure wether or not his mother is there, which for a younger child may be frightening. Rated PG for: Mild Violence.(HBO advisory)

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