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When the Party's Over

When the Party's Over   Back

Mar 12,1993

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 5 / 10 from

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Length: 110 Minute(s)
The story takes place in LA, in the house of four housemates, three women, MJ, Frankie and Amanda, and an homosexual, Banks. MJ is the kind of girl to whom money means everything and to whom others mean almost nothing. Frankie is a social worker and Amanda, a painter. Banks is an unfortunate actor. The problem is that Frankie is deeply in love with Taylor, and he loves her back, but he's sleeping with MJ, for sex. MJ will become more and more jealous of Frankie as days flow...
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A brief glimpse of a woman's back and the of the side of her breast is shown as she exits the room to change. There's a passionate kissing scene between a man and a woman. Both are clothed.
violence A man is punched. He says, "You broke my nose."

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