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Admit nothing.

Oct 17,2008

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

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Length: 104 Minute(s)
During the course of an ordinary week in Hollywood, movie producer Ben (Robert De Niro) must navigate his way through shark-infested waters as he struggles to complete his latest projects. A demanding studio boss (Catherine Keener) demands extensive changes to a movie starring Sean Penn, while another chief won't greenlight a project unless star Bruce Willis shaves his beard. Meanwhile, Ben tries to reconcile with his wife and maintain a relationship with his young daughter.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There's discussions about a recently deceased agent's promiscious past, a man stopping anti-depressants so he can have sex again, infidelity, and, a vulgar joke involving a beard. Feeling desperate, it's implied that a man sleeps with a young producer(he wakes up, and she walks into the room in order to say goodbye, and flashes one of her breasts). 2 people are seen embracing from a window(a curtain covers it at night, but the lights are on, and all you see is shadows, then they fall down embracing, with the light going off, implying sex). A man walks to a premiere in France with 2 young girls by his side(he says their ages total 32). A man and his ex wife(who he's still obsessed with) attempt to have sex, but he gets interrupted by a phone call and she walks away. A man talks about his beard not preventing him from having sex constantly. That same man, later in the movie, is shown with a prostitute(the producers knock on the door, and, a hooker tells them to wait), but it turn's out it's a joke and he makes a crude remark. A man, at a film festival, says "kiss my ass" and "suck my dick" as an insult.
violence Several scenes show the bloody ending for a film which has drawn flack from test screenings. In these scenes, a man is shot in the stomach twice(blood begins to flow on his shirt), and, a dog gets shot in the head(he falls back, and, blood splatters). A man knocks down several coat racks in a fit of rage. A man hits another man in the waist or genitals with a shovel, and, the man then falls on a casket. A man's suicide is referenced. Robert De Niro smashes Stanley Tucci's bald noggin through a car window and beats him up.
profanity F*** - At least 55 S*** - Nearly 10 Plus, plenty of anatomical slang, and religious profanities peppered throughout.
alcohol Drinking and, tobacco smoking throughout. Strong painkillers are given to a director throughout the film to encourage him to edit the ending for his film. There is mention of using Ecstasy before having sex, a man stopping anti-depressants for a somewhat vulgar reason. When a fellow hollywood agent dies, a man at the funeral says "The colombians must be really sad"(referring to his drug use).
frightening Suggested MPAA Rating: R for sexual content and language.

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