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Very Good Girls (2013)

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Two New York City young ladies make an agreement to lose their virginity amid their first summer out of secondary school. When they both fall for the same road craftsman, the companions discover their association tried interestingly.

Jun 24,2014

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Length: 91 Minute(s)
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ch Very Good Girls

The late spring before school presents two closest companions, Lilly and Gerri, with the chance to shed their great young lady pictures. Both young ladies need to lose their virginity and investigate another side of who they are. In any case, their dim and distinctive home lives and the presentation of two terrible young men, undermine to wreck their kinship without it being the pleasant transitioning summer that the two young ladies imagined.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 Two girls are shown fully nude from behind, skinny dipping at a beach, butts shown. A guy and girl kiss a few times. Once, they go to a room where they both take off their clothes and have sex. No nudity. A girl touches her breast under her shirt intending to masturbate, but is interrupted. A girl is shown showering. A boy comes through the window and they kiss in the shower. A boy and girl have sex, no nudity.
violence None
profanity 7/10 8 uses of "F***". The "f" word is sometimes used in reference to sex.
alcohol 2/10 Some drinking.
frightening Rating should be R for intensively strong language and strong sexual content. 16+

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