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They've been bad. Very bad.

Sep 11,1998

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Crime | Thriller

Ratings: 6.2 / 10 from

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Length: 100 Minute(s)
Kyle Fisher has one last night to celebrate life as a single man before marrying Laura, so he sets out to Vegas with four of his best buddies. But a drug and alcohol filled night on the town with a stripper who goes all the way, turns into a cold night in the desert with shovels when the stripper goes all the way into a body bag after dying in their bathroom. And that's just the first of the bodies to pile up before Kyle can walk down the aisle...
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity One of the characters gets a prostitute/stripper for a bachelor party. She dances while undressing, and moves suggestively on a couple of men (she is in her panties, her bare breasts and part of her buttocks are seen). The same prostitute has sex with a man. They both get fully naked, then start having sex while leaning on a wall. There is thrusting and moaning, and some explicit language; in this sequence, the woman's bare breasts and buttocks are shown, her pube is almost seen, and the man's bare butt can be seen. A man suddenly and passionately kisses another man. A man and a woman kiss.
violence This movie is a dark comedy with plenty of violence and murders. The violence, although usually played for laughs, is very brutal and bloody, and involves a few disturbing, tasteless, and/or gorey scenes. A woman is killed when her head accidentally slams onto a coat hook (we see the large bloody wound in the back of her head, more than once). For an extended period, we see her dead body lying on the floor in a pool of blood. A man is stabbed in the chest several times with a corkscrew; then some men hold the bathroom's door shut, keeping him closed inside the room while waiting for him to die (we hear him screaming and begging for help as he gasps and dies). Afterwards they enter the room, which has blood smeared literally everywhere: walls, floor, bathtub (we see this for an extended time). A man dismembers two dead bodies with an electric saw (we see a piece of bloody flesh on the saw, as well as the dead man's body moving as he cuts). Several bloody severed limbs are being wrapped in plastic and loaded into suitcases, then buried in the desert. A woman repeatedly smashes a man's head until he is unconscious and extremely bloody (only one hitting is onscreen, the others are offscreen). Afterwards he is seen covered in blood for a long time, until a man opens a door, accidentally hitting him, who was behind it; then he falls down the stairs, breaks his neck to a wall, and dies. A man drives his car into another vehicle and crushes a man (the impact is really violent). Later we see the victim in the hospital covered in bloody wounds and bandages; he dies. A man tries to suffocate a woman with a pillow. She reacts, hits him in the head, then bites his crotch area hard (he is fully clothed and screams loudly). They struggle and fight, then fall through a glass window, violently breaking it. We later learn that she was killed by the man (nothing is seen). We hear a gunshot, then hear that a man was killed (completely offscreen). A truck crashes into a car with two men and a dog in it; a man is thrown through the windshield. We later see that one of the passengers had both his legs amputated, the other man is a vegetable confined to a wheelchair, and the dog has lost a leg. A man prepares to kill another man with a shovel, but does not do it. Several brawls and arguments.
profanity Constant strong language. "Fuck" is heard several times (about 124) throughout the movie. Other profanities include "Son Of A Bitch", "Ass", "Damn", "Loser". Some slang derogatory words towards black people. A man kisses another man and this might upset some people.
alcohol Most characters smoke and drink. There is a scene involving use of marijuana, narghile, and cocaine. One character is given "special pills" to make him calm and relaxed (he is shown really stoned), and another character remarks that he might soon be in overdose.
frightening A scene, taking place in a hotel room bathroom, involves one character cutting dead bodies to pieces with an electric saw to fit them into suitcases. This is intense, bloody and disturbing in tone, although not very graphic. One of the movie's main characters is a murderous, psychotic man who kills many people with lucidity throughout the story. Two violent and intense car accidents in which people are either killed or mutilated. The death of one character is emotional and sad. The ending, although played for irony, can anger disabled people or relatives of disabled people, as well as animal lovers. Rated R for: Strong, Bloody, Grisly Violence; Sexuality/Nudity; Drug Use; Language. Not appropriate for viewers under 16 years of age. Suggested MPAA Rating: R for strong language and bloody violence, drug use and sexuality.

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