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Why would anyone want to kill Veronica Guerin?

Jul 11,2003

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller

Ratings: 6.7 / 10 from

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Length: 98 Minute(s)


In this true story, Veronica Guerin is an investigative reporter for an Irish newspaper. As the drug trade begins to bleed into the mainstream, Guerin decides to take on and expose those responsible. Beginning at the bottom with addicts, Guerin then gets in touch with John Traynor, a paranoid informant. Not without some prodding, Traynor leads her to John Gilligan, the ruthless head of the operation, who does not take kindly to Guerin's nosing.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Some scenes display a brothel as a setting. It is implied that many women are prostitutes, feeding drug addictions. The main charater is assulted by a man, who rips open her shirt, with a brief nudity. A criminal linked to drug dealings, threatens to rape the young son of the main character.
violence Violence is also persistant. A man is threatened by a another, holding a knife. It is implied he is tourtured to death, or near death. Two small children see the man covered in blood from a distance. Heroin needles litter the streets, and there is much squalor and dirt in a housing residence. Several men are threatened with violence. Two men shoot many other rival criminals, with guns. The main character is shot in the leg, and later shot dead. A foul-mouthed criminal assults the main character repeatedly, punching her face, leaving a clear indication, with bloody results; he kicks her pushes and grabs her.
profanity The Bad language is persistant. 30+ uses of the word 'F*ck'. One character repeatedly calls the main character a 'C*nt', in the process of assulting her. The word 'C*nt', which qualifies as Very strong language is used around 10 times throughout the feature film. 'Sh*t', 'b*stard', 'b*tch', are all used along with mild bad language, name calling, and Religious Exclamations, which are also persistant (E.g. Jesus, God, Christ ect.)
alcohol The main theme of the film, is a reporter attempting to expose the drug dealing and trafficking business. Scenes in the film include glimpses of drug use, implied drug use (needles on the ground), Children playing with heroin needles, foil, spoons (all implied to be used by drug addicts). Some pictured as drug users vary in age, to as young as 14-15. Many of the characters displayed smoke, either tobacco/cigarettes, but it potentially could be canabis. Most of the characters, it is implied smoke cigarettes, and drink alchol, even if only socially.
frightening The film is about exposing drug dealers, and financal backers. Much of the drug use will offend some. Despite this, the drug use isn't glorified, or presented in any kind of glamourous way. The Character John Gilligan may also offend many, as he is very violent, ruthless, foul-mouthed, and his threats are disturbing. A clear underlying message in the film, is that drug use is harmful to society and individual lives and shouldn't be tollerated.

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