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The story of a man ready to make a connection.

Sep 05,2009

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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Length: 109 Minute(s)
George Clooney plays the dry cynical character of Ryan Bingham, an executive who specializes in "downsizing". Ryan lives out of his suitcase, traveling the country for the sole purpose terminating unwanted employees day after day. Just as Ryan is about to reach his life-long goal of the ten million mile frequent flyer mark some major changes come his way. Changes that threaten to crack the cold heartless exterior that is Ryan Bingham.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In one scene, Alex (female character) is shown naked from behind walking toward a bed, showing her backside as well as a clear view of her breast from the side. Ryan is shirtless on the floor, and the two discuss sex positions, joking that they didn't even "make it to the closet." Some of the aforementioned characters' conversations feature one-liners, double entendres, and sexual references. The two "sext" each other late one night. A female calls a male character an "escape." Couples can be seen making out at the airport.
violence People trash desks and furniture after being fired. Brief talk of a woman who jumped off of a bridge after being fired. We see a fantasy sequence of a character with a gun ready to shoot his boss for firing him (very brief). It is presented in more of a comical matter than anything.
profanity Close to 25 f-words and about 10 s-words. Gods name is misused a half-dozen times, Christs another three or four. Other language includes a few utterances each of "h," "ahole," "prk," "ped," "dk" and "py."
alcohol Many characters drink, and there is one business party scene in which one character is visibly drunk. Alcohol consumption is seen fairly often throughout the movie.
frightening There is a brief threat by a woman who, right after being fired, threatens to kill herself. Later, it is confirmed that she jumped off of a bridge.

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