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Two of a Kind

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It took a twist of fate to make them two of a kind.

Jan 01,1983

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance | Fantasy

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Length: 88 Minute(s)
God throws his hands up at the foolishness of humanity and orders the race destroyed. A trio of bleeding-heart angels strike a deal with him: if they can find just two good souls, the Lord will allow Earth to survive. Unfortunately, the angels have staked the future of the species on a thieving bank teller and an inventor/con-artist
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity References to "making love" and that a couple should wait for sex. One woman tells her boyfriend how another man offered her money to "sleep with her." A man and a woman make out heavily on a couch. One man is seen around three women wearing very revealing bikinis.
violence Two men are shot, one in the chest. You can see the bullet hole in one of the man's shirt. A man tries to fight a gunman. A restaurant fight scene. One man pulls a gun in another man's mouth, threatening him. There is a constant threat to cutting off a man's ears if he doesn't cooperate with two thugs.
profanity 1 S-word 2 uses of "bastard" 1 G-damn Other milder language including damn and hell
frightening A woman is held hostage by a gunman. A car chase scene in which a man holding on to the roof of a truck is being targeted by two men at night. There is a fist fight in a restaurant. A man is flung off the roof of a truck and lands on a woman. The portrayal of God can be a bit unnerving or unsettling. He's considered violent and unmerciful, planning to destroy the world and start all over if two ordinary people can't fall in love. It also says that since he is God, he can "change his mind" or in other words "break promises" like the one he made in Noah's Ark: The Great Flood to never flood the world again.

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