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Twins (1988)

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Only their mother can tell them apart.

Dec 09,1988

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

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Julius and Vincent Benedict are the results of an experiment that would allow for the perfect child. Julius was planned and grows to athletic proportions. Vincent is an accident and is somewhat smaller in stature. Vincent is placed in an orphanage while Julius is taken to a south seas island and raised by philosophers. Vincent becomes the ultimate low life and is about to be killed by loan sharks.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Brief scene with one of the main characters having an affair with a married woman until her husband comes home at the start of the movie. Scenes in bed including sensuality and an implied sex scene. Reference to virginity, sperm, and birth complications. Vincent is referred to as "leftover crap" because the embryo he and his twin brother were in during pregnancy was split unequally. A man pickups a playboy unknowingly and looks at it. We briefly see a faint image of bare breasts. A woman seduces a man. We see most of her bare behind in a night gown. Sex is implied.
violence Julius punches a man several times and then throws him into an elevator where the impact causes the wall to break. Vincent is threatened over the phone and then a drive-by occurs, no one is hurt but Vincents house window is shot. A hitman shoots two clients (offscreen) The same hitman shoots 2 men in the legs and then threatens a third guy. 5 men attack Vincent and Julius whilst in New Mexico, Julius however is able to knock out four of them and Vincent knocks out the fifth. Two guys are shot whilst in their car, the car crashes straight into a wall, Vincent goes to look, blood is seen dripping down their dead bodies. Vincent and Julius are threatened by the hitman with a shotgun. Vincent releases a lever causing tons of chains to fall on top of the hitman presumably killing him.
profanity - 5 Goddamns - 2 Bullshits - A few Shits - A few Damns - A few Sons of Bitches - 3 Dickheads
alcohol Marnie smokes after sex with Julius Vincent is seen drinking alcohol
frightening No intense or frightening scenes. Most of the violence portrayed in the film is for comic matter and is quite mild and mainly bloodless (apart from one scene)

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