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When terror is at your doorstep. You can run. Or you can fight.

Oct 14,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller

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Length: 91 Minute(s)
Kyle (Nicholas Cage) and Sarah Miller (Nicole Kidman) have it all: a huge gated house on the water, fancy cars, and the potential for romance in their relationship. He's just back from a business trip (he brokers diamonds) and their teen daughter Avery (Liana Liberato) is sneaking out to a party, when four thugs in security uniforms and ski masks stage a home invasion. They want what's in the safe: cash and diamonds. As Kyle stalls them, trying to negotiate for Sarah's freedom, the fault lines in Kyle and Sarah's marriage and the pasts of the four robbers come into play. Is there room here for heroism?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity One scene of a near rape however the woman gets away It comes out that the wife is having an affair with a younger man One female character is shown walking around in lingerie, and then later there's a shot of her bending over removing a dress until she is just wearing a thong. Scene in a strip club, women writhing around poles in thongs/bikinis. At one point a man pushes his foot between a woman's legs and says "Nice ass." Scene with teenage girl wearing cleavage exposing bustier.
violence The main theme of this movie is that a family is being held hostage by home intruders who intend to kill the family and get away with a stack of cash and diamonds.
profanity Non stop uses of graphic and profane language
alcohol Two scenes with uses of cocaine.

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