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This Must Be the Place

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Never for money. Always for love.

Oct 01,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 6.3 / 10 from

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Length: 118 Minute(s)


A bored, retired rock star sets out to find his father's executioner, an ex-Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the U.S.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 One scene where the main character seems to be giving his wife cunnilingus, but is done under blankets so nothing is seen. An old man walks completely naked outside, but is covering up his genitals.
violence 2/10 Photos from concentration camps are shown in one scene.
profanity 7/10 F*ck is used quite frequently throughout the film, as well as many other strong to mild obscenities.
alcohol 3/10 Characters are often seen casually drinking, or smoking throughout the film. There is also talk about a characters past drug addictions.
frightening 3/10 There are several images from concentration camps. A truck spontaneously catches fire. The old man walking naked is quite unsettling.

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