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A true story based on the award-winning book by Tobias Wolff.

Apr 09,1993

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 6.7 / 10 from

89  users

Length: 115 Minute(s)
In 1957, a son and mother flee the East and an abusive boyfriend to find a new life, and end up in Seattle, where the mother meets a polite garage mechanic. The boy continually gets into trouble by hanging out with the wrong crowd. The mom marries the mechanic, but they soon find out that he's an abusive and unreasoning alcoholic, and they struggle to maintain hope in an impossible situation as the boy grows up with plans to escape the small town by any means possible. Based on a true story by Tobias Wolff.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman and man have sex but only the moaning is heard through the walls. A man and a woman have a medium level sex scene which only consists of thrusting. A group of boys talk dirty to a fictional character on a television show (Lois Lane from the Superman Tv series) e.g.: "You make my dick hard! I have 6 hot inches waiting for you!" Boys often talk dirty, discussing "pussy" and licking it, and six inches and etc... It is presumed that a boy is homosexual as he kisses a heterosexual boy on the cheek while to two are playing songs on the piano.
violence 9/10 A middle aged man and a pre-teen boy often have violent arguments with frequent knock down, drag out fist fights and violent brawls which end up hurting each other all the time, using and destroying many of the objects in a house. The gruesome violence between the abusive stepfather and stepson comes in all forms, dozens of times. It consists of punches, kicks, shoves, knocking down, dragging out, tackling, poking, slapping, pinching, throwing, hitting, and whipping. More abusive violence also comes by the end, with Dwight almost strangling Toby to death after pinning him down on the floor, as well as hitting with wooden poles and throwing and hitting objects at each other. Two boys have a violent knock down, drag out fight, rolling down a hill. A woman hits a man over the head with a baseball bat.
profanity There is frequent coarse language cursing throughout this film. Both adults and child swearing. Mainly towards the child. Uses include (but not limited to) the F-word and its forms such as F-you and f***er, d**k and its deratives "dickhead", "dick lick" and "dick licker", s**t, son of a b**ch, bulls**t, asshole, goddamn, damn, hell, goddamit, ass. Ruder terms like "pussy", "whore" (repeatedly) and "homo" are also used. A boy yells "fuck you" constantly and ends up carving it on the wall. Boys often talk extremely dirty during their conversations using swearing from f**k and s**t to d**k and b**ch.
alcohol A man drinks occasionaly, once while driving. Teenagers smoke frequently like its a casual thing but it is set in the 1950's.
frightening The fight scenes between the step-father and the son are very intense and disturbing especially if you had a childhood just the one being shown. Dwight's bullying is quite strong and even scarier because of the actors portrayal

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