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The Whole Nine Yards

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In the heart of suburbia, a hit man with heart has just moved in.

Feb 18,2000

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Crime

Ratings: 6 / 10 from

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Length: 98 Minute(s)
A mobster named Jimmy the Tulip agrees to cooperate with an FBI investigation in order to stay out of prison; he's relocated by the authorities to a life of suburban anonymity as part of a witness protection program. It's not long before a couple of his new neighbors figure out his true identity and come knocking to see if he'd be up for one more hit, suburban style.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man and woman are seen having sex, with lots of movement and some moaning. No nudity, her back is briefly seen afterwards. A woman is walks around fully nude for about a minute. Her pubic region is always covered, but her breasts are visible for several seconds. A woman puts her head into a man's lap, implying oral sex. She later pops up and wipes her mouth.
violence Some people are shot. A bit of blood is shown. A car is blown up, with two dead bodies inside it.
profanity 3 uses of 'shit', 2 of 'fuck' and 'b-tch', and a couple of strong sexual references.
alcohol Some smoking and drinking.
frightening The movie has elements of a black comedy. Probable MPAA rating :: R for sexual content including some references.

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