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Who is The Terror?

Jun 17,1963

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

Ratings: 5 / 10 from

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Length: 81 Minute(s)
Lieutenant Andre Duvalier has been accidentally separated from his regiment. He is wandering near the coast when he sees a young woman. He asks the road to Coldon, where he hopes to rejoin his regiment. But the woman doesn't answer, doesn't even greet him and walks away. Eventually she takes him to the sea, where she disappears in rough water. How can he save the mysterious girl?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No sex or nudity
violence A man's eyes are torn out by a bird A woman is struck by lightning and burns to death A woman begins to rapidly decompose
profanity No major profanity, perhaps a few mild expletives
frightening The Terror isnt for little children it may scare them. For example there is a scene where a crow picks a mans eye out and there are a few corpses scattered about and a few scenes with witches in the woods etc.

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