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The Swan Princess Christmas (2012)

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Nov 05,2012

Hollywood Movies | Animation

Ratings: 6.4 / 10 from

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Length: 90 Minute(s)
Princess Odette, Prince Derek and their trusted woodland friends reunite in this all-new adventure for their first Christmas celebration together! As the kingdom prepares for a festive holiday, the villainous Rothbart plots to destroy Christmas. Will the castle friends be able to stop Rothbart and save the day? Told in beautiful CG animation for the very first time and featuring music by Anna Graceman from TV’s America’s Got Talent, The Swan Princess Christmas is an enchanting musical holiday treat the whole family will enjoy!
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Derek winks at Odette a few times Puffin supposedly makes a reference to male's genitals, but it's really muted so it's hard to hear.
violence while fighting the Great Animal, Derek falls and gets hit on the head (no blood though) a few kicks and punches
profanity Derek almost says "What the fuck is going on?!" in one scene, but changes it to "What's going on?"
alcohol a muted drug reference somewhere in the movie
frightening the atrocious CGI animation, the boring/unlikable characters, the awful script and the completely mishandled pacing make this movie a stomach turning awful experience. it might even give you nightmares.

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