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The Sum of All Fears

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27,000 nuclear weapons. One is missing.

May 31,2002

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action | Thriller

Ratings: 5.7 / 10 from

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Length: 124 Minute(s)
CIA analyst Jack Ryan must thwart the plans of a terrorist faction that threatens to induce a catastrophic conflict between the United States and Russia's newly elected president by detonating a nuclear weapon at a football game in Baltimore.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity At the beginning of the film, Jack wakes up in bed with his girlfriend, who is wearing lingerie. They kiss and there is some mild sensuality as he kisses her body and tries to undress her. There are several suggestive comments throughout the movie as they discuss having sex.
violence Many explosions and deaths. Men are strangled, shot, blown up, and crushed. One has his throat briefly slit. A corpse is found with a bullet wound in the head. Two bloody corpses are found. There are some bloody and burned disaster victims that are being operated on. Some hand-to-hand combat is shown. A scene depicts several people who were hanged in a warehouse.
profanity About thirty profanities, including a use of "f**k" and about 10 uses of "s**t." Many religious blasphemies.
alcohol Brief drinking of champagne and liquor. A joke is made about marijuana.
frightening There are some intense sequences and disaster scenes. A man has a heart attack.

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