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Serve. Protect. Lie.

Nov 04,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller

Ratings: 4.8 / 10 from

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Length: 90 Minute(s)
A rookie cop is assigned to the 118 Precinct in the same district where he grew up. The Precinct Captain starts receiving letters about two unsolved murders that happened many years ago in the housing projects when the rookie cop was just a kid. These letters bring back bad memories and old secrets that begin to threaten his career and break up his family.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 4/10 Brief talk of child molestation. In one scene (a flashback), a man performs oral sex on a young teenage boy (Not really shown, but you can definitely tell what is going on)
violence 7/10 At the beginning of the movie, a man is shot in the upper chest. While the shooting isn't all that graphic, the details of the aftermath are pretty graphic, there is a lot of blood on the wall and on the floor. A woman in the police office is shown to be very aggressive. A dog is kicked. It is later said that he died. A man is thrown down a staircase. He hits his head on a wall, leaving a slightly bloody gash on his forehead. He dies. A man is tackled to the ground by a few cops. A car crash occurs. The man in the car is bloody, but the injuries are minor. Several characters are shot and some of them die.
profanity 10/10 The word ''fuck'' is used around 70-80 times other milder profanities, such as ''damn'' and ''shit'' are used, although quite less frequently than ''fuck'' A woman is also called a ''dyke''
alcohol None
frightening 6/10 The last scene (on the roof of the house) is fairly intense. The scene where a man is shot in the bathroom could be disturbing for some viewers. The characters get one or two phone calls that could be disturbing. Some viewers will get disturbed by the child molestation scene, although it is very brief. 28/50.

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