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The Scorpion King (2002)

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Warrior. Legend. King.
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Length: 92 Minute(s)
In ancient Egypt, peasant Mathayus is hired to exact revenge on the powerful Memnon and the sorceress Cassandra, who are ready to overtake Balthazar's village. Amid betrayals, thieves, abductions and more, Mathayus strives to bring justice to his complicated world.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Frequent sensuality throughout: At some sort of celebration, we see a man making out with a woman (and feeling her thigh), while various women show varying amounts of cleavage in their revealing attire. Mathayus crashes through a building and lands in Cassandra's bathing suite where she comes out of the water nude, with her long hair covering her breasts (an object in the foreground blocks a view of her lower body). After the two are washed out through the immense drain, we briefly see her bare breasts from a distance in a large body of water. She then pops up in a well where a boy is pleased upon seeing her (after throwing money into it like a wishing well). He apparently sees her frontal nudity as she stands there (we see her bare back). A catapult fires Mathayus through a window, across the palace and through another window where he lands in some sort of harem. The women instantly come on to him, pawing him and stating that they know how to please him and that they can make every fantasy come true (in reality, they're quietly disarming him so that they can call the guards). More women show varying amounts of cleavage in a town, including some scantily clad prostitutes, one of which tells Mathayus that she can help him relax (adding "Perhaps all of us"). He just smiles and keeps on walking. Cassandra wears a robe of some sort that's open on the top front (thus showing cleavage) and is somewhat transparent (although we don't see any detail). Later, she wears an outfit that's pretty much open on the sides and when Mathayus pins her to the ground (as she tries to escape), we see a lot of skin in such regards, including the side of her bare butt. She later straddles him (to remove poison from him), and we see a great deal of cleavage and bare thigh as she does so. Mathayus and Cassandra passionately kiss and then lie down. We then see them afterwards lying together (implying they had sex). He's bare-chested and on his back, while she appears to be completely nude (lying on her side with his body blocking any explicit shots of her, but we see her bare side).
violence Some brutal and intense violence, although bloodless: We see arrows hitting people in their bodies as Mathayus arrives and fights, wounds or kills many men who try to attack him with various weapons. During this, he hits various attackers while others try to kill the bound man he's trying to rescue (throwing knives and other things at him). One of those objects impales a man in the chest as Mathayus throws him in its path. He then wraps a rope around another man's neck and jumps down from a height with him (with a chandelier of sorts catching another man and slamming him into the ceiling). Mathayus then lets go of the rope and the man with it (around his neck) and he flies upward. More sword fighting then ensues, with Mathayus slicing and/or punching many people. He flips one over and stabs down into a man (we hear, but don't see the impact). A man holds his father's severed head (with a little bit of blood on the end), implying that he killed him to join Memnon's forces. Memnon's men then bring in Mathayus' wounded partner and slit his throat (we hear, but don't see the actual cutting). Mathayus charges (on camelback) toward men sent after him and the others. As a sandstorm sweeps over and engulfs them, he attacks them (and might decapitate one, but it's briefly seen and mostly obscured). He strikes more and the men then follow him into a cave where several sink and disappear into sand holes. As the remaining men slowly look for him, Mathayus takes them out one by one (grabbing two into a sand waterfall of sorts where we hear their screams) and we see a shadow of him slicing another man with a sword. He hits others, but we don't see the impact, although we see one's body impaled on a sharp rock formation (the end of the rock sticks out of his chest). Mathayus then fights one more man, and stabs him in the gut (we don't see the impact), but not before a wounded man stabs him in the leg with an arrow covered in scorpion venom (he nearly dies from the poisoning). Mathayus strikes several men before battling Balthazar. Their swords break when they hit and the two men then punch, kick and throw each other around, with Balthazar slamming Mathayus' head into a pole several times. More fighting ensues, with Balthazar hitting Mathayus with a bucket of sorts and then trying to spear him until Mathayus finally gains the upper hand and holds a spear to Balthazar's neck. More stabbing and slicing continues in the various battles, with many people being injured or killed.
profanity None, really, unless one counts some sexual innuendo.
alcohol Various people drink what's presumably liquor of some sort during a celebration. Mathayus orders some wine for Arpid (where others drink), and we later see Arpid and others drinking.
frightening Most of the scenes listed under the Violence & Gore section may be intense for some viewers, and may even be frightening to them. Mathayus awakens to find himself buried up to his chin in the desert where Memnon's men smoke out fire ants from their nests. The ants then approach Mathayus who tries to strike a deal with Arpid to free him before the huge ants attack him (a few crawl near and then on his head and he crushes several with his chin and chomps down onto another before spitting it out). Arpid, who earlier hit several guards (one of whom fell into a nest of such ants that attack the man), then blows fire onto the ants, burning some and driving the others away. Guards prepare to cut off a boy's arm (alleging that he stole something), and Mathayus must decide whether to save him or assassinate Memnon.

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