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One part outrage. One part justice. Three parts rum. Mix well.

Oct 13,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 5.5 / 10 from

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Length: 120 Minute(s)
Tired of the noise and madness of New York and the crushing conventions of late Eisenhower-era America, itinerant journalist Paul Kemp travels to the pristine island of Puerto Rico to write for a local San Juan newspaper run by the downtrodden editor Lotterman. Adopting the rum-soaked lifestyle of the late ‘50s version of Hemingway’s “The Lost Generation,” Paul soon becomes entangled with a very attractive American woman, Chenaults and her fiancée Sanderson, a businessman involved in shady property development deals.  It is within this world that Kemp ultimately discovers his true voice as a writer and integrity as a man.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity We see a woman having sex with her boyfriend from quite some distance in a few shots. She is seen thrusting against him. A woman kisses a bare-chested man in a shower, then they start to make love on a bed before an interruption. We see her back and a side-breast.
violence In an attempt to reach his fiance, a man is punched with a bit of blood briefly seen. There are a couple of cockfights.
profanity 26 uses of 'fuck', 4 of 'shit', 2 of 'dick' (nonsexual), and 1 of 'whore' and 'prick'.
alcohol Two characters shortly use an eyedrop drug, and we see a hallucination. Drinking is semi-frequent, smoking is intermittent.
frightening Cock fights might disturb some animal lovers. Nothing really intense or scary about The Rum Diary

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