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The River Wild (1994)

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Rafting master Gail goes up against a couple of furnished executioners while exploring an astoundingly savage stream.
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Gail, a specialist at white water rafting, takes her family on an excursion down a waterway on which she used to be a guide. En route, the family experiences two men who are unexperienced rafters that need to discover their companions down stream. Afterward, the family discovers that the combine of men are equipped burglars. The men then physically constrain the family to bring them down the stream to meet their accessories. The rafting trip for the family is unquestionably demolished, however in particular, their lives are in question.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Gail is seen skinny dipping in the water although she is covered.
violence A park ranger is seen shot and is pushed into the river. Wade gets angry and slaps Roake on the face hard.
profanity They said these words about 8-10 [email protected]&*, 3-5 s*&t, 1 or 2 a$$
frightening White water rafting is present throughout the movie. There are many dangers posed in this activity.

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