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They might be his hostages but what they're doing to this guy is criminal.

Mar 09,1994

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Length: 97 Minute(s)
A cat burglar is forced to take a bickering, dysfunctional family hostage on Christmas Eve.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No true sex scenes, but there are brief mild to moderate references and breif nudity. -SPOILERS- In the opening scene with the marriage counselor, Caroline says she had a dream where she ate a salad that was "Lloyd's head with his penis sticking out of his ear." When the counselor says that communication is healthy, Lloyd responds, "You think her dreaming about me being castrated Florentined is healthy?!" -SPOILERS- When Gus ties Lloyd and Caroline up together with bungie cords, they try to get free and end up wriggling a lot. Lloyd asks what they will do if their son walks in and Caroline says, "We'll tell him we're being 'affectionate'." Caroline reaches down to try to get them loose, grabs Lloyd and asks, "What's this?" When he responds that it's nothing, she replies, "It doesn't feel like nothing." A kiss. Caroline had an affair a few years previous to when the film takes place, and this is referred to several times. In the opening scene, Lloyd tells her to "have oral sex while he waits in the car." Some sexual slang, such as "dick" and "cock" (both used about 3 times). -SPOILERS- When Gus is in Lloyd and Caroline's house and needs a Band-Aid, Caroline tells him where it is. He leaves to get it, and Lloyd whispers to her, "I don't believe it. You want to have sex with him." -SPOILERS- When Murray is getting a boat for him and Gus to escape, he hits it off with the woman who owns it and Gus asks him, "While I've been sitting in hell you've been fucking dating?!" -SPOILERS- Jesse is blackmailing Siskel with pictures of him in various sexual positions with many different women which are shown topless, breasts and nipples visible (we see these pictures a couple of times and the blackmailing is referred to a lot). Lieutenant Huff says to a group of people that, "The only time his office is called is when your faggot dogs start humping each other without permission." He later tells Bob that he hit on his wife a while ago; "Three times, Bob. She said you never went three times, Bob." When Gus's ski mask is recovered at the crime scene, there is the odor of cat piss on it. Lt. Huff confirms this, and Steve says, "Oh thank goodness. Phil thought the smell might be semen."
violence Gus points a gun at people a lot throughout the film and threatens them constantly with it. Gus punches George when George realizes who he is, then says, "Great. I just beat up Santa." Gus grabs Rose, pulls her down, then puts a gun to her head and threatens her with it. Gus shoots a smoke detector. Jesse knocks Gus over and grabs his gun. Gus grabs the gun back and throws Jesse violently onto a bed. Gus ties up Lloyd and Caroline's entire family throughout the movie. At the end, Gus describes a violent and unrealistic death that he is going to inflict on Murray. Gus throws a pool ball at a dog's face; the dog catches it and crushes it in it's mouth. Gus makes a break for a window, and the dog bites his leg (we hear a crunch and Gus yelling). Later, we briefly see the bloody wound on the back of his knee with torn flesh dangling off of it. As a burglar alarm, Gus is sprayed in the face with cat urine. Gus tries to strike Rose, but Lloyd restrains him. Gus violently explodes verbally at Murray several times.
profanity Profanity is strong throughout. The second half of the movie is slightly more moderate, with only about 10-15 uses of "fuck" in the last hour or so. The first half, however, is extreme on the language front; there are probably almost fifty "fucks" in half as many minutes. When showing children below the age of 12 this movie, it might be wise to jump past some of the opening sequences, as the language may be too extreme. Overall there are... 54 uses of "fuck" and it's derivatives, often used aggressively. "Dick" and "cocksucker" are used about 3 or 4 times each. Frequent use of shit, damn, hell, ass, piss, bastard, son of a bitch, and other expletives. God's name is taken in vain a lot, i.e. goddamn, Jesus, Christ, for God's sake, etc.
alcohol Gus and Caroline smoke cigarettes; there is a scene where this is discussed. Lloyd asks Jesse if he needs the blackmailing money for drugs. Everybody, especially Caroline and Murray, drinks a lot throughout the film.
frightening The burgling scene and the ending chase scene are mildly intense. Gus is in constant peril of getting caught by the cops. Two cars almost crash (very brief).

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