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Once discovered, it was changed forever.

Dec 25,2005

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance | History

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Length: 135 Minute(s)
A drama about explorer John Smith and the clash between Native Americans and English settlers in the 17th century.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity We see women swimming nude and scantily dressed. During this, see a bare breast from the side, but the silhouette aspect means no details are apparent. Throughout the film we often see the actress scantily clad. There are also some european dresses with cleavage. There is some kissing and flirting, but all of this is quite mild and more romantic than explicit. The extended version is equivalent, in this respect, to the original version.
violence Smith gets lost by himself in the tall river grass as their expedition heads upstream. We then see a Native American sneaking up on Smith in the water, followed by an arrow suddenly hitting Smith's body armor. Other Native Americans then attack him, with him shooting one but the rest capturing and hitting him (mostly in passing as they take turns doing so). We then see others pushing Smith back to the Indian village. One warrior then rushes in to kill Smith, but Pocahontas intervenes and saves him. After Smith is captured by the native Americans and taken before their chief, we briefly see a warrior walking towards smith; suddenly he reaches over to the left and hands a severed human hand to a fellow Indian in the row besides him. The hand has been cut deep in the wrist and it looks as though it was sliced and then wrenched from the arm as the bone is still covered with meat from the arm. However, if you are not paying very close attention to the scenery around the screen, you will not notice this right away. In another occurrence of action, a settlement is attacked by native americans. Not any notable blood, but some of the fighting is brutal or the sounds emerging from it can be disturbing and violent. Smith engages the indians in an almost battle rage and kills several with a sword.
profanity Very limited use of expletives (hell, bastard, damned)
frightening The English leader of the outpost wants to quell problems within their group and pulls his pistol, but after hearing a shot, we then see that it was him who was shot and mortally wounded.

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