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Length: 126 Minute(s)
Jeremy Irons plays a Spanish Jesuit who goes into the South American wilderness to build a mission in the hope of converting the Indians of the region. Robert DeNiro plays a slave hunter who is converted and joins Irons in his mission. When Spain sells the colony to Portugal, they are forced to defend all they have built against the Portugese aggressors.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The South American tribe doesn't wear much. The adult men and women typically wear only loincloths, so there are quite a few shots of topless nudity. The men's loincloths don't cover up much in the back. While quite a bit of nudity is present, it's all portrayed naturally rather than erotically; its simply the way the primitive tribe dresses. Young boys are seen completely naked throughout the movie. A ten-or-so-year-old girl is shown fully naked at the end, vulva and developing breasts clearly visible. A man and woman are found lying in bed next to each other naked; they're facedown so anything critical is covered, though quite a bit of cleavage is shown.
violence In the ending massacre, dozens of natives and soldiers are stabbed and shot with occasional blood. Some notable instances: three helpless and innocent children are shot by soldiers, blood shown; a man is shot in the chest and a bullet hole appears; a man is seen with blood soaking his shirt after being shot; a man is shot in the chest, blood soaks, and he falls to the ground; a man is shot several times by a firing squad and his wounds are shown. A priest is tied to a cross and thrown off a waterfall (we see him and the cross disappear into the mist). A man thrusts his knife into another man's gut after a short duel; blood soaks the mans white robe. A native is shot in the back and an extremely unrealistic bullet hole appears. A pig is killed with a spear off-screen. A man is shot in the shoulder, blood pours. A man is shot several times by the arm from across a bridge. This is very bloody and many bloody srays can be seen. Many people are shot with arrows and blood trickles from the wounds. Many people are shot, blood sprays.
profanity A couple uses of "damn."
alcohol Some minor cigar smoking.
frightening The massacre is very intense and occasionally bloody. Innocent men, women, and children are brutally slaughtered by guns, blades, and fire. Suggested MPAA rating: Rated PG-13 for some strong violence, brief language and some disturbing images.

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