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The Man in the Iron Mask (1998)

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For the honor of a king. And the destiny of a country. All for one.

Mar 12,1998

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adventure | Action

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Years have passed since the Three Musketeers, Aramis, Athos and Porthos, have fought together with their friend, D'Artagnan. But with the tyrannical King Louis using his power to wreak havoc in the kingdom while his twin brother, Philippe, remains imprisoned, the Musketeers reunite to abduct Louis and replace him with Philippe.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The ladies' costumes are all very low-cut and nearly revealing in many cases throughout the movie. Porthos brings three prostitutes to make love to him and Aramis, but Aramis is busy praying. Porthos tells the girls, "He is hung like a donkey." One replies, "So are you." Porthos and Aramis have a fairly explicit conversation about the importance of women's breasts in the overall scheme of things. While D'Artagnan is attempting to find the King and persuade him that Athos' son shouldn't be sent to the front lines, he hears the King in one of his apartments having relations with a woman in his bed. Porthos is seen frolicking with 3 women in a pile of hay in a barn. He also makes a metaphorical reference to impotence by saying that his "sword is bent" and one of the women says that she can straighten if for him. Shortly after, you see his nude buttocks three times, including one time when he is bent over with his buttocks pointed straight at the camera. The king is seen in bed with a woman apparently having just finished having sex. He leaves the bed and the woman is seen sitting up, apparently nude, but covering herself with the sheet. The king is seen in bed with a woman who is clearly nude above the waist and her arm is strategically placed to obstruct the view of her breasts. Porthos interrupts the business of a brothel to have the ladies do some sewing for him. In the process several semi-clad men are seen leaving. Porthos tells the women to get to work except for one that he singles out apparently to have sex with while the others work. Some kissing. We see Queen Anne during childbirth. We see D'Artianian has been having an affair. It is learned that the Queen Mother has had children as a result of an affair. And we see the affair has been carrying on for quite some time.
violence During the outdoor party, after the King takes Christine aside, someone attempts to kill the king. D'Artagnan instead wounds the man with his sword (whipping in into the air like a Frisbee), and the King stabs the man with the man's own dagger. Athos' son dies in a very short battle scene. Athos attempts to kill some of the guards and stabs one with a dagger. When it is withdrawn, there is a brief blood spurt and blood on the dagger. D'Artanian tackles Athos and talks him out of all this. A girl is seen after she's hanged herself. Porthos attempts to hang himself by a barn rafter. But the sabotaged beam breaks and he falls to the ground hard, the entire barn collapses all around him. Aramis punches Louis, knocking him out. We see a great deal of sword-fighting throughout. Louis orders one of his advisers to be executed (for making a decision that was entirely Louis' idea, despite the advisers warning him against it). Louis then says any more rioters are to be shot immediately. The Three Musketeers attempt to abduct Louis while using Philippe as their impostor--Athos holds a knife to Louis' throat. But then D'Artanian holds one to Phillipe's throat. As the former musketeers are taking the King away in the mask, the royal musketeers fight the former musketeers. Louis orders Philippe to be re-captured and he does, but the formers escape. Louis pushes his mother and then slaps his brother. He attempts to do worse to his brother, but D'Artanian intervenes.
profanity 2 t*ts, 1 p*ss, and 1 sh*t. Characters speak of Hell and damnation.
alcohol When the King is having dinner with Christine, there is wine in glasses on the table and they both drink some after he makes a toast. We hear that D'Artanian was blind-stinking drunk when Queen Anne gave birth.
frightening When the mask is taken off of the twin brother, the sounds he makes and the apparent pain he is in may seem frightening to some. And when the mask is placed back on him, he screams in absolute horror as if he is being truly damned.

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