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Jan 01,1968

Hollywood Movies | Drama | History

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Length: 134 Minute(s)
1183 AD: King Henry II's three sons all want to inherit the throne, but he won't commit to a choice. They and his wife variously plot to force him.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Accusations and admissions of adulteries and fornications, sodomy and bestiality are tossed around this family like a tennis balls--sometimes flung at each other. These concern a wife sleeping with her husband's father, a son seducing an enemy prince, and a husband sleeping with various sorts of women, boys, and a sheep. A woman talks of riding bare-breasted among men and adorning her nipples with jewelry.
violence There is a battle scene with horses and swords on a shore. Men fall, sometimes in the water. Some of these presumably are dead. There are scenes of sparring and a jousting match. A woman cuts her wrist and draws blood. There is a fight with knife and sword ending in death. Perhaps there is blood, but the set is lit only by torches. There are several threats with knives and swords.
profanity The language is never coarser than "damn." There is some blasphemy. These and a few other choice words are sprinkled throughout the movie.
alcohol There are scenes of mulling and drinking wine. Brandy is also drunk in a couple of scenes.

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