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The crime is clear. The truth is not.

Feb 21,2003

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller

Ratings: 7.2 / 10 from

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Length: 130 Minute(s)
A man against capital punishment is accused of murdering a fellow activist and is sent to death row.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity **Some of the scenes with nudity also include violence/gore and frightening/intense scenes. Refer to those categories for more information** A college professor have passionate sex with one of his female students. He rips her underwear, as she requested, and proceeds to thrust into her on the wash basin. The girl stops him, asking him to do it from behind. She turns around and the man resumes thrusting. She tells him to do it harder and bite her shoulder. She scratches his back with her fingers. The girl's naked butt is seen. The girl's bra and dress are never removed and therefore there is no nudity in the scene. A couple have sex with slow, rhythmic thrusting and light kissing. They are obviously naked, but we don't see anything. The sheet is covering the man from the waist down, and we see the side of the woman's body, but we do not see her breasts (they are blocked by the man's arm). The scene is a very emotional one, and she softly cries and pleads with him to "stay in her." A videotape shows a fully nude woman (breasts, buns clearly visible and pubic hair slightly shown) lying on the floor. She is handcuffed and it is believed that she was raped. We see various clips of this footage numerous times throughout the film, showing different angles, being discussed, etc. The quality is poor to make it clear that it is a videotape. A photograph briefly shows a nude woman lying face down (we see her bare backside). A man takes a shower. We only see his bare back. A woman tells a couple about a video that costs 50 bucks, "because you can see my tits". A couple of references to a woman having a man's semen inside her. Rape is one of the main themes of this movie, and it is mentioned several times. A few sexual references, some mild, some crude.
violence A videotape shows a fully nude woman handcuffed, lying in a floor with a garbage bag sealed over her head. We see her struggle for a few seconds, hear her feet kicking, and see the bag being sucked against her face as she suffocates and dies. She then is seen lying still, face-down on the floor. The process of a murder is described in detail a couple times. The murder, which is actually a suicide, involves a person being handcuffed, forced to swallow the key, having their mouth taped shut and a bag sealed over their head, so the person suffocates. A woman recreates the same setting and puts a plastic bag on her head, as an experiment to check something (she does not die). Several pictures of executions are briefly shown. We see dead men strapped to an electric chair, with blood and other matter splattered around them, dripping from their heads. A girl scratches a man's back with her nails while they are having sex; we briefly see the bloody cuts. A man injures his hand by angrily ripping out a pay phone. Numerous conversations about capital punishment, murder, rape, and death.
profanity Around 17 F-words, about 5 religious profanities (goddamn), numerous milder profanities (shit, ass, hell), several religous exclaimations (calling of Jesus' name, "Oh my God"), and sexual references (dick, tits, screw). Many references to Jesus and Judas. A woman gives a man the middle finger.
alcohol We frequently see or hear about a man's alcohol abuse about halfway into the film. We see him drinking at work, home, and in a bar, we see him drunk out on the street a couple times, and we see him attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting once. Some references to being "on the wagon/off the wagon". A man smokes in several scenes.
frightening The scene depicting a woman's murder, which is actually a suicide, is intense and upsetting to watch. A woman recreates the same setting and puts a plastic bag on her head, as an experiment to check something (she does not die). A woman has Leukemia. In one scene she faints and is taken to the hospital. A few scenes depict two characters being stalked. The movie's plot, which revolves around capital punishment, might disturb some people. The ending has a twist that might upset or disturb some viewers. Rated R for violent images, language, nudity and sexuality. Appropriate for ages 14 and up.

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