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Do not trust anyone. Do not show emotion. Do not fall asleep.

Aug 17,2007

Hollywood Movies | Thriller

Ratings: 5.4 / 10 from

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Length: 99 Minute(s)
Washington, D.C. psychologist Carol Bennell and her colleague Dr. Ben Driscoll are the only two people on Earth who are aware of an epidemic running rampant through the city. They discover an alien virus aboard a crashed space shuttle that transforms anyone who comes into contact with it into unfeeling drones while they sleep. Carol realizes her son holds the key to stopping the spread of the plague and she races to find him before it is too late.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Very mild. Several scenes show Carol in her underwear, including a scene where she wears a tight tank-top where you can make out her nipples and partially see-through trousers. Ben and Carol kiss in a car. A girl is seen wearing a top and panties.
violence Portrayals of violence. Some blood is seen. A space shuttle explodes over Earth and pieces of it land on cities. A dog runs out of a house and attacks a boy, jumping on him. The boy briefly tightens his hands on the dog's snout (we hear the dog whimper and it runs away). In the following scene, they mention that the blood on the boy must have been the dog's since he hasn't got any cut (we don't see any). Dr. Bennell discovers on Oliver a strange, skin-like substance, which moves; we see it again in a subsequent scene. We see news footage of a man in a hospital bed; the reporter speaks about a new strong virus pandemic. People vomit green fluid into coffee jars to infect other people. A homeless man has a heart attack (or so it seems) on the street. A woman is violently and suddenly hit by a car. This scene is intense. A transforming man (covered in a gooey substance) is investigated by several characters. Carol uses her phone but the flash wakes the man up and grabs her, knocking her into Ben, who falls over. Ben manages to pull the man off her and he crawls across the floor (leaving slime on the carpet), before eventually having a heart attack (he spits out green goo). A man forces a woman to the floor and spits goo on her face. We see a grotesque and badly disfigured body. (including a missing nose) A dead dog lands on Carol's car hood. Infected break through a subway train window and spit green goo at the uninfected behind it. Carol shoots a man. Blood is seen pooling from the body. A man and woman jump off a building to their deaths (the impact is not shown). A woman is tazered by infected police officers. A police office is shown lying outside his car with a bloody bullet wound in his head (a dribble of blood from the mouth is also seen). Stephen injects himself and takes a blood sample. Ben smashes through a road block with a car. He crashes into another car reversing out slightly later. During a dream, Carol strikes another Carol with an axe (she wakes up before the impact). A woman finds a bin full of gooey skin and covers her body with it to simulate transformation. Carol throws an infected boy into a bed and knocks him out. A man threatens a woman and her child. The child goes to hit the man with a pole but he overpowers him. The woman hits him in the head with a hammer and kills him. Blood splatter is shown on the wall of a convenience store. We see a gooey-faced police officer in a room. Carol is gooey after she falls sleep and starts to transform. Carol shoots several infected people with a gun and kills them (off-camera or out of focus, no blood). She shoots another man in the leg. A car crashes into Carol's car. Carol is knocked out for a moment. People climb onto a car and start smashing windows. Carol drives off, throwing many off her car. The remaining others are thrown off during turns and when she crashes into objects. A Molotov cocktail hits the front of Carol's car and ignites it. Carol's car crashes into a pole. A man grabs Oliver as the elevator door closes and throws him against it, knocking him out. Carol then hits the man in the head with a fire extinguisher. A woman talks about how her husband killed their dog by strangling it.
profanity None.
alcohol Carol searches for medicine to keep her awake. Carol changes one of her patient's perscriptions. Wine is consumed at a party. An elderly woman is given a drug to help her sleep. Carol tells her son to inject a drug into her blood system should she fall asleep. She does later and her son injects her with it.
frightening The film has a general creepy, tense and ominous atmosphere. A kid is missing and in danger for some time; his mother desperately looks for him. The film opens with a frantically-shot sequence of Carol searching around an empty and starkly-lit supermarket, as we hear her panicked inner monologue. She then walks past and looks at a door where we hear people behind it banging and screaming to get out. A space shuttle disintegrates upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere, spreading debris from Texas to Washington D.C. A man becomes infected, his face covered with mucus and appearing to scream and moan in pain, as jump cuts of cells in his body are seen. A dog growls at a boy and then chases after him, jumping on him. The boy then seems to crush down on the dog's face with his hands (we hear the dog whimper) before the owner retrieves it. Other acts of dog being killed are said or shown in the movie. We see a creepy skin-like substance on Oliver's hand. A panicked woman stops in front of Carol's car, screaming. She then tries to stop another car on the other side of the road, which hits her. There's then a creepy encounter with an infected cop. A couple of scenes where infected people offer uninfected characters drinks so they can be infected. A man knocks at Carol's door late one night and tries to break into the house. An infected man going through the transformation process suddenly wakes up and attacks several characters. He then crawls across the floor and dies. Carol attempts to get Oliver but she ends up getting trapped in the house alongside several infected. Tucker walks menacingly towards her. Tucker forces her to the floor and spits goo on Carol's face, infecting her. She manages to get out of the house and goes the house next door, which has a grotesque body inside. She drives off in her car and hits a bin containing a dead dog, which lands on the windshield and slides off. A child asks her mother via a mobile phone message to get him as he's scared. A group of uninfected are terrorized on a subway car. A man who may be infected alarms Carol and she shoots him. (blood is seen) A man and woman jump off a building to their deaths (the impact is not shown). A group of infected enter a house with the uninfected inside but they escape. Ben drives off to escape police chasing him. Carol starts to fall asleep and some jump-cutting images flash on-screen, including several earlier moments. Carol washes her face in the mirror before a doppelganger hits her with an ax, causing her to wake up. Carol and Oliver run to evade a group of infected chasing them. Tucker menaces Carol and Oliver through a dimly-lit building. Carol enters an Employee's Only room. We see several people in various stages of transformation. As Carol goes to grab a gun from a cop, Oliver reaches towards the door. She manages to get the gun and prevents Oliver from going inside. Carol starts to get tired and fall asleep. She begins to transform but Oliver injects her in the heart to wake her up. Ben enters a store with Carol and Oliver inside only for Carol to discover he is infected. He begins to menace her and opens a door that lets in more infected. Carol gets chased by a police car only to crash into another car, which knocks her out. Mobs of people get out of their cars jump onto her car, as Oliver attempts to wake his mother up. Carol races to get to a helicopter, as infected pursue her. Rated PG-13 for violence, disturbing images, terror - Appropriate for ages 14+

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