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The truth needs no translation.

Apr 04,2005

Hollywood Movies | Action

Ratings: 6.2 / 10 from

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Length: 128 Minute(s)
A thriller about an interpreter who has overheard plans of an assassination at United Nations headquarters. An American Secret Service agent is sent to investigate as Silvia Broome, the interpreter, is in danger of being killed by the assassins.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Two secret service agents protect a dignitary in a strip club. A topless woman (breasts are hidden) in a thong is poised to give the dignitary a lap dance, but is sent away by an officer for security reasons. There is some non-sexual nudity in African photographs. While ringing up a suspect's phone bills, a man comments that he has payed for a sex hotline.
violence Several scenes of a violent nature, including a man being strangled. Children involved in war/shooting. Themes of assassination and threat throughout. Two men are shot by children. One of them calmly says "it's okay" before falling to the ground and being shot at point blank range once more. A bus carrying several people is blown up in an assassination. We see charred bodies being stretchered from the wreckage. Many are dead
profanity 1 use of "fuck" 6 uses of "shit" 2 uses of "goddamn" and "Jesus" (an an expletive) and one use of "God" (also as an expletive)
alcohol Several scenes take place in a bar, with alcohol being consumed.

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