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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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Length: 123 Minute(s)
A traveling theater company gives its audience much more than they were expecting.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity -Valentina, who is fifteen throughout the majority of the film, is romantically and sexually involved with an adult man who appears much older. -A man runs up on stage and says to Valentina, "nice tits there." Valentina and the man run into the Imaginarium and the man says that he wants to grab Valentina's ass. -Sex is implied between Valentina (Lily Cole) and Tony (Colin Farrell) on a boat. After the scene, which includes the boat rocking and suggestive comments being heard, Valentina is in her underwear and Tony is buttoning his shirt. -Valentina, who is underage, wears several revealing outfits and is generally sexualized. -While playing Eve, Valentina is nude on stage. She wears a long wig which covers much of her body. -In the Imaginarium, Tony and a woman see a dark motel with neon signs implying that it is to be used for one-night stands. The woman is clearly excited and tries to bring Tony there.
violence Opening scene- A man gets electrocuted by jellyfish in the sky. This scene is dark and frightening, but not too graphic. A bloody punch in the nose. A man beats on woman on several occasions, resulting in mild bruises. Tony (Colin Farrell) is seen repeatedly punching Anton, who apears to be a child, while in the Imaginarium. Characters are hung on three occasions, the last resulting in death.
profanity Several uses of "damn", "crap", and "shit". -"Bastard" is mouthed once. -One use of the "f" word.
alcohol -Many characters smoke cigarettes, including Valentina, who is fifteen. -Alcohol is consumed in many scenes, including by Valentina and Anton, who are both fifteen. -Parnassus is implied to be an alcoholic and is often described as "dead drunk".
frightening - A pub suddenly explodes. -The skirt of a giant woman in the Imaginarium explodes. -Characters are hung on three occasions, the last resulting in death. -Several of the surreal scenes in the Imaginarium could be considered disturbing, including one in which a river transforms into a snake.

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