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The Ides of March (2011)

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An optimistic staff member for another presidential applicant gets a compressed lesson on grimy legislative issues amid his stretch on the battle field.

Sep 24,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Stephen Meyers is a youthful romantic who's splendid at correspondences, is second in charge of Governor Mike Morris' presidential crusade, and is a genuine devotee. Amidst the Ohio essential, the battle administrator of Morris' rival requests that Meyers meet; he offers him an occupation. In the meantime, Morris' transactions for the support of the man in third place, a North Carolina Senator, hit a tangle. A youthful battle assistant, Molly Stearns, stands out enough to be noticed. Republicans have a trap up their sleeve; Stephen might be excessively trusting, and Molly has a mystery. What's most critical, vocation, triumph, or uprightness?

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 6/10 Stephen and Molly are shown in bed. No nudity is shown Rape reference. Stephen and Molly are shown having sex. Nothing is seen. The shots are from the shoulders up, but it is very obvious that they are having sex. One character admits to having sex with another character. For specifics, see the following spoiler. Molly admits to having sex with Morris. A girl has an abortion. She is seen checking into and leaving the clinic. Nothing graphic is shown or discussed.
violence 2/10 A young woman is found dead of an apparent suicide/overdose.
profanity 10/10 Between 50 and 75 uses of the f-word. Most of the time, it is said by Paul Zara, Tom Duffy, or Stephen Meyers.
alcohol 3/10 Paul Zara is seen smoking in several scenes Characters spend time at bars. There is drinking, but no one appears drunk. A reference to a couple of characters (one underage) being drunk.
frightening 6/10 The second half of the film is dark, intense, and unsettling. Many people may find Molly's death upsetting and depressing Some people may be upset by the fact that abortion becomes a somewhat main theme in the latter half of the movie

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