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The Hurricane (1999)

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The narrative of Rubin quot;Typhoonquot; Carter, a boxer wrongly detained for murder, and the general population who helped in his battle to demonstrate his guiltlessness.

Sep 17,1999

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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This film recounts the narrative of Rubin "Sea tempest" Carter, an African-American man who transcended his vexed youth to wind up noticeably a top contender for the center weight boxing title. Be that as it may, his fantasies are smashed when he is blamed for a triple murder, and is sentenced to three common life terms. In spite of turning into a make celebre and his tenacious endeavors demonstrate his guiltlessness through his collection of memoirs, the times of pointless endeavors have abandoned him demoralized. This progressions when an African-American kid and his Canadian tutors read his book and are persuaded of his honesty enough to work for his exemption. In any case, what Hurricane and his companions learn is that this battle sets them against a supremacist foundation that benefitted from this crime and have no goal of seeing it switched.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity One scene where you can see the naked back sides of men in prison.
violence Boxing violence, the 1966 murders that Rubin was falsely convicted of, a boy carries a switchblade knife. Four people are shot (we see one shot in the head and one in the chest, with lots of blood visible); in several different scenes we see their bloody bodies slumped on a bar or lying on the floor in puddles of blood. A man who appears to be a pedophile and is trying to "pick up" a boy (see Sex/Nudity) is hit in the head with a bottle. He grabs the boy who threw the bottle and threatens to throw him off a ledge; the boy then stabs the man in the arm several times (no blood is visible) and runs away. We see three boxing matches with lots of punching (in two, we see men with swollen eyes, bloody noses and mouths and bloody facial cuts); all three end with one of the boxers being knocked out. We see news clips of police officers beating people with clubs, shoving a gun in the back of a man's neck and pushing people to the ground, presumably during civil rights demonstrations. A boy is dragged into a room by several police officers; one grabs his arm and verbally threatens him. A car crashes into a wall after one of its tires falls off (none of the passengers is injured). Something is thrown through two windows in a house. A man and woman briefly yell at each other. We see doctors with bloody gloves working on a man with an extremely bloody face.
profanity Much, including racial slurs. Strong, including racial epithets. About 26 F words, 7 combined with mother. 6 GD and 2 Jesus exclamations. Several anatomical references, lots of scatological references, many mild obscenities, many insults and several racial epithets.
alcohol Some social drinking.
frightening The prison and boxing scenes can be tense for younger audiences, as can Rubin's interrogation by nasty police detectives.

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