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The House of the Spirits

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Oct 19,1993

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

Ratings: 6.8 / 10 from

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Length: 140 Minute(s)
A rancher, his clairvoyant wife and their family face turbulent years in South America.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A young woman is raped by an older man. Breasts are shown. Sex is shown between a couple. Two children go skinny dipping. This is shown in full detail. Implied sex. A man strokes the leg and face of a 7-year-old girl. Later in the film, when the little girl becomes an adult, the same man strokes her leg and face.
violence A teenage girl is taken away, beaten, bloody, and held captive. A woman's dead body is discovered where she is living. Her hair is all stringy, her face is white, and her eyes are wide open. There is a man in the film who is very violent. Among other things, he rapes a young girl, hits people (including his own family), threatens to kill people, and attempts to use a gun.
frightening A young man enters a home without being invited in. He is alone with a little girl who looks to be about eight years old. He holds her in his lap and rubs her legs, making her uncomfortable. The child's aunt calls her, and the young man runs out before any more damage can be done. Later, though, when the little girl is a young adult, the same man comes back, beats her violently, and holds her captive. There are several scenes with intense content, including rape, domestic violence, and death threats. A woman goes to confession at her church and professes her feelings for another woman. She doesn't come out and say it, but it is heavily implied that she is a lesbian. She doesn't talk about wanting to have sex with the woman, but she does express a desire to be near her. The scene where a woman's dead body is discovered may be very frightening to some viewers. Ferula enters a home and walks toward a couple and their teenager without saying a word. She comes over and kisses Meryl Streep's character on the cheek, then walks out. With tears in her eyes, Meryl Streep's character says "Ferula is dead." The husband runs to the door, where Ferula exited, but she is nowhere to be seen. This can be considered very creepy to watch.

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