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The Handmaiden - 아가씨 (2016)

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Jun 01,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adults | Romance | Thriller

Ratings: 8 / 10 from

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Length: 145 Minute(s)

Korea, 1930s. A con man hires a pickpocket to become the maid of a mysterious and fragile heiress, in an attempt to seize her wealth. But not everything goes according to plan.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 The film contains 3 very prolonged and explicit sexual sequences between the two women with details of them in various sexual positions, including oral sex, masturbation, penetration involving foreign objects, and 69. Apart from the above scenes, the film also contains explicit descriptions of sexual fetishes and sexual activities including BDSM.
violence 7/10 A man cuts off another man's fingers one by one with a paper cutter. He then drills a hole in his other hand. We see the severed fingers as they are thrown into a bucket. Brutal, but mostly off-screen. We see a woman's dead body hanging from a tree. Another woman tries to hang herself from a tree but is caught and saved by another girl below. We see a creepy basement filled with jars of severed genitals. Two men die from mercury poisoning. A young girl is hit on the knuckles three times by a metal bell. We then see her bruised and bloody knuckles. A man's buttocks is seen with whip marks on it as he is held in a press/sexual device. A woman cuts her hand with a knife. We see blood drip onto a mattress. A man wearing gloves covers the faces of a woman and young girls and aggressively shakes their faces and then removes his hands. A woman transfers opium-laced wine into a man's mouth and he passes out. Four servants are slapped aggressively by a woman. A woman is slapped. A woman pushes another woman into a small bedroom/closet and shuts the door on her. A fire is set off in a mental asylum and people scream and run around as firefighters enter the flames to put it out. Discussion of suicide.
profanity 9/10 Multiple uses of f**k, c**t, c**k, and s**t, often used in graphic sexual dialogue and context. Other sexual and anatomical references. Uses of bitch, ass, damn, hell, and other insults.
alcohol Opium is introduced as a method of suicide, and later is used to sedate a character. Characters occasionally drink wine and sake. A character constantly smokes throughout the film.
frightening Adapted from the novel 'Fingersmith' by Sarah Waters, 'The Handmaiden' revolves around a complex plot hatched by a Korean conman, who masquerades as a Japanese aristocrat Count Fujiwara, to seize the wealth of heiress Lady Hideko. He seeks help from a young pickpocket Sookee by getting her to work as Hideko's handmaiden. However, Sookee finds herself drawn sexually to Hideko, and soon, they make steamy love in a lot more ways than one. Official KMRB Rating: 18 Official Eirin Rating: R18+ Suggested MPAA Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content. FOR ADULTS ONLY

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