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The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

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Feb 15,1965

Hollywood Movies | Drama | History

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Length: 199 Minute(s)


All-star epic retelling of Christ's life.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Not much, except the woman caught in adultery and Herodias's adulterous "marriage" to Herod Antipas (Herodias being the most unrepentant). All of the sex is implied, but not shown, and there is no nudity.
violence The Massacre of the Innocents by Herod the Great and an insurrection shortly after his death, a would-be stoning of the above mentioned adulteress, some stones were thrown at Jesus for alleged "blasphemy", off-screen beheading of John the Baptist (the sword's falling is heard off screen), Jesus's Crucifixion is discreetly shown as those of two criminals on each side. One of Antipas's soldiers hits John the Baptist. Herod the Great does not die violently or painfully as in other versions of the story; he merely slumps over, and this is shown from a distance.
profanity Biblical uses of "Hell" and "damnation"
alcohol None, except what appears to be wine at the Last Supper.
frightening The Massacre of the Holy Innocents, the Crucifixion of Jesus and earlier crucifixions of Jewish rebels against Herod Antipas. In this version, John the Baptist's decapitated head IS shown on a silver platter. However, it is very obviously a prop; special effects at that time were not so advanced that they could actually make it look as if Charlton Heston's head really was on that platter.

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