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The only witness to the crime was not even there.

Dec 22,2000

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | Horror | Mystery

Ratings: 6.2 / 10 from

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Length: 111 Minute(s)
When a local woman disappears and the police can't seem to find any leads, her father turns to a poor young woman with psychic powers. Slowly she starts having visions of the woman chained and in a pond. Her visions lead to the body and the arrest of an abusive husband, but did he really do it?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman is shown in a bathroom about to have sex with a man who is not her fiancée. When the man mentions his concerns that someone may walk in, she says, "Well then you better fuck me fast." There are references to a character having affairs and many other mild sexual references. A woman strips down to a pair of pants for several seconds. A female corpse is also shown with one breast and a lot of skin exposed. A woman is shown topless in a parking lot with her fiancé after he tells her to remove her clothes. They begin fighting over her affair with another man. She remains topless throughout this scene. The scene is semi lengthy. It is implied a man was severely abused sexually by his biological father. There is talk of masturbation surrounding the implications as well.
violence graphic and sometimes brutal violence. and grisly images. a woman describes injuries inflicted on her by her husband and we see her bruised face a woman is beaten by her husband and dragged out of a house. a man who has been tied to a chair and gagged with duct tape is beaten with a belt and then set alight a dead naked body is seen with a swollen closed-up eye bloody, disturbing and nightmarish images are shown. a woman is struck on the head with a flashlight and blood runs into the corner of her eye and down her face. other scenes of violence.
profanity strong language and hate speech
alcohol smoking and drinking
frightening the torture scene is short but graphic and might disturb viewers. all the nightmarish scenes are fairly disturbing, bloody and intense. the theme of the movie is scary grisly images might upset viewers. There are a couple of "Jump out at you moments" involving a slightly grisly looking corpse whom the physic sees in her house.

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