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The Front Page (1931)

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An investigative correspondent sees an open door for the narrative of a lifetime when a blamed killer circumvents hanging.

Dec 01,1974

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Hildy Johnson, daily paper columnist, is locked in to Peggy Grant and wanting to move to New York for a higher paying promoting work. The court squeeze room is brimming with weak journalists who develop stories as much as keep in touch with them. All are holding up to cover the hanging of Earl Williams. At the point when Williams escapes from the incompetent Sheriff, Hildy grabs the open door by utilizing his $260 vacation cash to result an insider and get the scoop on the escape. Be that as it may, Walter Burns, the Post's editorial manager, is ease back to reimburse Hildy back, trusting that he will remain on the story. Getting a noteworthy scoop looks conceivable when Hildy lurches onto the baffled escapee and conceals him in a move beat work area in the press room. Consumes shows to offer assistance. Could they keep Williams' whereabouts mystery sufficiently long to get the scoop, particularly with the Sheriff and different correspondents drifting around?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In a brief part, a man tries to convince a woman that her boyfriend is a flasher.
violence Since the movie is centered around the story of a wanted murderer, there is some gun violence. In one part of the film, a man's arm is bloodied.
profanity Some uses of 'sh_t,' 'd_mn,' and '_ss.' "For Chr_st's sake"
alcohol Smoking is frequently shown.

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