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They were fighting over a woman when the plane went down. Now, their only chance for survival is each other.
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Length: 117 Minute(s)
The plane carrying wealthy Charles Morse crashes down in the Alaskan wilderness. Together with the two other passengers, photographer Robert and assistant Stephen, Charles devises a plan to help them reach civilization. However, his biggest obstacle might not be the elements, or even the Kodiak bear stalking them -- it could be Robert, whom Charles suspects is having an affair with his wife and would not mind seeing him dead.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A girl wears a nightgown covering nipples.
violence A flock of birds fly into a plane propeller. Some of the birds explode into showers of gore and some splatters of blood are seen over the plane. A man gets killed by a bear; he's covered with blood and we see a wound on his leg. The bear gets impaled on a large spear; some blood is seen. A man falls into a pit, impaling his leg on a spike of wood; we see some closeups of the wound.
profanity 6/10 About 10-15 uses of the f-word, including around 2 or 3 uses of "motherfucker".
alcohol Brief smoking and drinking. Coke reference.
frightening Lots of intense, particularly the initial crash and the night bear attack.

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