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Evil has its winning ways.

Oct 17,1997

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | Horror | Mystery

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Length: 144 Minute(s)
A hotshot lawyer gets more than he bargained for when he learns his new boss is Lucifer himself.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 This movie involves plenty of sexual contents, including full female nudity, kissing, incest, oral sex, and sexual dialogues and references. Parents should take caution during sex scenes in this film because they often contain graphic female nudity. For example, Charlize Theron exposes her vagina including her bush, breasts and of course nipples. Several fully nude women with VAGINA and BREAST visible. A woman removes her bra in front of other two women and her bare breasts and erect nipples are visible. She invites one of the other woman to feel her breasts and takes her hand and puts it on her left breast. There is another, extended sex scene, starting with a man kissing a woman's breasts. During the scene, he sees another woman in place of his wife. There is briefly implied oral sex and thrusting. This scene lasts about 2 minutes with brief glimpses of nudity. Please note that it is quite a long scene of implied sex. Two women kiss and caress each other through clothing, and kiss each other on the neck. A man bites and caresses a woman's clothed buttocks while dancing. A woman is seen in a bra and panties. An extended scene with a topless woman making another woman touch her breast. A woman is shown completely nude. Her breasts and vagina are visible. A scene with naked female sculptures coming to life. A woman removes her clothes and becomes completely naked in front of two men. Then she extends her arms and shows her naked body to one of the man. Her breasts and vagina are clearly visible. She then beckons the man to have sex with her. The man pushes her on to a table where they kiss each other for a while. He then pushes her down and kisses between her breasts while the other man looks on. Once again, graphic female nudity. Incest innuendo at the end.
violence 8/10 This film contains strong violence, while infrequent when it does happen it can be bloody and quite graphic. A man slits the throat of a goat (there's a lot of blood). Containers full of blood and organs and a bloody animal tongue are shown. Gruesome, but brief. Monster faces are seen in a few scenes (see frightening and intense scenes) Photos of murder victims with a lot of blood on and around their heads and bodies -- one picture is of a child. There is a mass of bloody glob. Men beat up another man with big sticks, and the victim has blood on his face and arms. A woman has cuts and bruises all over her body after being brutally beaten and raped. A man is hit by a car and has a very bloody face afterwards. A woman slits her own throat (a lot of blood on her neck, hands, face and clothes). There is a scene involving gun threatens, and another scene involving scuffles. A man shoots commits suicide, with blood spurting out and onto the face of another man. Conflagration and a charred body is seen.
profanity 8/10 About 55 F-words, many mild obscenities, many scatological references, and some anatomical references.
alcohol Several instances of cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking. Verbal references to cocaine use and pharmaceutical drugs.
frightening 8/10 This film throughout has a very eerie feel to it. While there isn't much of a scare factor it is more disturbing and chilling than anything else. Some things that may disturb/frighten viewers include; -strong bloody violence -animal mutation -incest innuendo -graphic female nudity -satanism- paedophilia This movie is suitable for adults 18+ suggested rating R for bloody violence, demonic disturbing images, strong sexuality, graphic nudity and language

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