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The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

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Jun 14,2002

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 6.1 / 10 from

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Length: 104 Minute(s)
A group of Catholic school friends, after being caught drawing an obscene comic book, plan a heist that will outdo their previous prank and make them local legends.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Some comic book illustrations of nude females. Teenage boys discuss thinking of a teenage girl and having a boner. They also discuss whether there is a bone in the human penis. Boys talk about tongue-kissing a young girl (they say she's 8, but she was in fact 12). The boys talk about a comic book character performing 69 on another character. A teenaged boy grabs his testicles while greeting a statue of a saint Teenage boys and girls shyly flirt with each other. Lots of sexual innuendo, involving "screwing", "going down" , "fingering" etc. Boys discuss masturbation using a warm washcloth. One of the boys injures his hand and his friend replies "There goes your sex life". Boys pore over a girly magazine together and comment that they can see her nipples. A teenaged couple kiss and make out on several occasions. He feels her breast through her top. One of the boys later asks whether he saw her tits or felt her up. On one occasion he tries to undo her bra but is interrupted. He feels her breast under her top (but over her bra). A 14 year old girl admits to a sexual relationship with her brother. A boy speaks about a saint having her breasts cut off while protecting her virginity. Teenaged boys are seen changing in the locker room. One is seen in the background stripped down to his underwear. Three young teenaged girls in the background of a scene are seen adjusting their uniforms to reveal more skin.
violence Some very violent comic book scenes with nuns tearing out brains, pulping teenage boys in sausage machinery, eyes popping out, sword play, decapitation, flesh being torn off, superhero battles etc. Very gory, despite being only illustrations. Teenage boys wrestle and practise martial arts, including with a weapon, but in a playful, rather than violent, manner. A teenaged boy smashes a bottle on the road in anger. A teenage boy angrily hits another. They fight each other. One draws blood. Two teenaged boys feed a mixture of medication to a cat to see what effect it will have. Boys practise firing blow darts. Two boys find a dog by the side of the road that has been hit by a car and is bleeding and close to death. A teenaged boy forcefully throws a basketball into the groin of a classmate. Two teenaged boys get into a fight in the mud. Punches and kicks are thrown. Blood is drawn. Teenaged boys trash a classroom. One plans to urinate on the floor but is stopped by one of the others. Tim is mauled by a mountain lion in one of the last scenes. The scene is extremely unexpected. The scene shows the mountain lion biting repeatedly on Tim's neck, Francis trying to help him, and Tim's agonized, crying face. After Tim is rescued, he dies. Quite a bit of blood. The scene is heart-breaking, upsetting, and distressing, and comes out of no where.
profanity Eight uses of "f*ck" or one of its derivatives. Approximately 24 uses of "shit" or one of its derivatives. Two uses of "crap". Approximately 16 uses of "ass" or "asshole". One of the cartoon characters the boys draw is called Captain Asskicker. One use of "piss". Approximately ten uses of "Jesus", "Christ", "Jesus Christ" or "Jesus H Christ" in a non-religious context, including by a Catholic priest. One use of "Goddamn". Four uses of "hell" in a non-religious context, but several more in context. Three uses of "bitch". One use of "numb nuts". Three uses of "dick" or a derivative. One use of "whore". One use of "turd". Three uses of "screwed" in a non-mechanical sense. Two obscene hand gestures.
alcohol On several occasions one of the kids steals alcohol from his dad, shares it with his friends and the girl he likes. They smoke a little too. The ingredients of the concoction they drink are listed as bourbon, gin, vodka, rum, white wine, frangelico. A nun prays for a family attempting to rebuild their marriage after struggles with alcohol, adultery and separation. One boy claims that a lady has smoked a few joints in her life. The boys spiked the communion wine with valium The priest smokes cigarettes regularly. Teenaged boys purchase an "illegal substance" and then share a roach with the dealer. The adult is seen taking a drag, but not the boys. They are however seen acting under the influence of the marijuana. A teenaged girl says she tricked her brother when he was stoned.
frightening A very detailed description here would spoil too much, but there is signifigant Frightening/Intense material. Two teenaged boys cut down a power pole with a chainsaw and stand there as it crashes towards them. A 14 year old girl talks about her suicide attempt. A terrifying scene involving a boy and a mountain lion. A teenage girl claims her house is haunted and a ghost comes to her bedside. Two parents are seen shouting at each other.

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