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The Children's Hour (1961)

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One simple lie destroyed everything they had.

Jan 01,1961

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 7 / 10 from

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Length: 107 Minute(s)
A troublemaking student at a girl's school accuses two teachers of being lesbians.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 Suggested MPAA rating: 'PG-13' for Mature Thematic Material Involving A Sexual Situation, Some Bullying, and Brief Disturbing Violent Content The whole film revolves around a rumor regarding a lesbian affair between the main characters. Two characters passionately kiss in two different scenes.
violence 5/10 Moderate bullying - Mary has several scenes where she torments her classmates either physically or psychologically. Joe spanks Mary in one scene, causing her to cry. A character commits suicide; we see the shadow of a rope hanging across a room, and the shocked reaction from the person who discovers what happened.
profanity 2/10 Brief mild language - One "hell" and two "damn"s
alcohol 0/10 ........
frightening 8/10 A very mature film, the main object of the films deals with sexual situations and woman being accused that they're lesbians. Some of the argument scenes are very heated. A woman commits suicide by hanging herself. Her corpse isn't really shown just seen in a shadow, she is later seen in a casket. A Very upsetting scene. Overall Explicit Content Estimation: 22/50 Recommended for only 14+

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