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The Bridges of Madison County

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The path of Francesca Johnson's future seems destined due to an unexpected fork in the road...

May 28,1995

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

Ratings: 6.9 / 10 from

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Length: 135 Minute(s)
A melancholy romance about a farmers wife who meets a photographer who’s way of life that is completely foreign to her leading her to become attracted to him. She is confronted with the difficult decision to go on with the relationship thus leaving her family, or to stay and continue her ordinary life until her death. Meryl Streep was nominated for an Oscar for her excellent performance.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man and woman have sex. We see them kissing passionately from the waist up as they caress each other. The scene is dark with little detail and no nudity. A man and woman lay naked in bed after sex. The woman rolls on top of him and we see her fully nude from behind, with her buttocks visible. Sex is implied A man and woman sit in a bath together in a dark room. The woman can be seen fully nude from a distance, with her breasts visible and her pubic region in heavy shadow. A woman stands naked in front of a mirror. The bottom part of her breasts and her stomach are briefly seen. A woman opens her bathrobe and stands naked on her porch. The scene is very dark, however her breasts are briefly visible. A woman angrily asks a man if they are going to 'fuck on the linoleum' on more time. A man and woman kiss passionately several times.
violence The film deals with a deceased woman and her cremated ashes, as well as her grief over the death of her lover, Robert. No actual dead bodies or corpses are seen. A woman breaks down and cries upon getting the news that her lover has passed away. Human ashes are seen drifting away past a covered bridge. It is implied that Carolyn's husband is either verbally or physically abusive and constricting, although it doesn't outright say anything specific about it.
profanity One use of Fuck in a sexual context. This was the reason for the film originally getting an R rating.
alcohol Characters do smoke and drink in some parts. No drugs.
frightening The ending can be very emotionally intense.

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