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The Baby of Mâcon

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May 01,1993

Hollywood Movies | Drama | History

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Length: 122 Minute(s)
A town cursed with barren women and famine is saved by a miracle birth to an old, ugly woman: the Mother. Immediately afterwards, the old woman's Daughter (Ormond) claims to have delivered the baby herself in a virgin birth. She imprisons the Mother and begins to exploit the Baby by selling blessings to the desperate townspeople of Mâcon.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The film is filled with full-frontal nudity from beginning to end, mostly male. We see a pregnant woman's naked breasts. There's a sequence in which a man and a woman get completely naked in a barn in an attempt to have sexual intercourse. We see the man's penis, testicles, and buttocks for an extended period as he writhes about on the ground being punished by nature for attempting to have sex with the child's virgin mother.. We see the woman's breasts, groin, and buttocks. We see a view from low behind a naked man. His relaxed scrotum can be clearly seen, for an extended time, hanging between his legs. We see several naked men at a distance as they plan on raping a woman, who we see completely naked shortly afterward. At the end of the film, we see a frontal view of a man close enough to see detail of his genitals. There is much crude and vulgar talk about sex, masturbation, and prostitution. There are several references made toward virginity. The plot of the film concerns a woman who pretends to have had a virgin birth. For those who are uncomfortable with that kind of thing, a little boy appears naked throughout most of the film and in nearly all of his scenes. We see everything from his penis and balls to his buttocks at a constant rate. While this is true, the child is no more the 4 years old so his penis and scrotum are hardly noticeable. This little boy is being portrayed as divine, perhaps the reason his is shown nude, by his virgin mother who is trying to make a profit from people willing to believe this is a child similar to the Christ child..
violence The second hour of the film is a nearly nonstop barrage of explicit, graphic, and sadistic violence and gore. A man is gored in the stomach several times by a bull. We see blood and guts splatter and spray all over the place, including on a naked woman's body and face. The woman then proceeds to disembowel the bull with a scythe, again, with much blood and gore taking place. A man vomits. A church exploits a little boy by giving servings of his bodily fluids to the people of a town. A woman smothers the little boy to death with a pillow. A virgin woman is sentenced to be raped 300 times by the male townsfolk. We see part of it in an extended sequence and it is disturbing and very violent. There is a lot of screaming and eventually she is raped completely to death. We see her dragged out and we see her crotch, legs, and stomach splattered with blood. We see several dead and bloody corpses of people throughout the ending. The little boy's dead body is shown. We see the townsfolk strip his body completely naked of his clothes before proceeding to cut and dismember the child and taking his body parts including his feet, arms, legs, hands, neck, genitals, stomach, and head. There is a lot of blood, naturally.
frightening The film's atmosphere, imagery, and sound design is extremely intense, and maniacal. The film feels like something out of a nightmare. There is not a single sane character in the entire film except perhaps the little boy. At times the film feels like it was shot in an insane asylum. The entire film takes place on a stage as it is a play that is being performed in front of a large audience. However, the line between realism and art gets more and more blurred during the second hour of the film. For example the extended rape scene involves the actress trying to play it off as a performance behind a curtain while her male co-stars take the opportunity to actually rape her for real onstage while the entire cast and audience is oblivious to it. It is also noted that the bull that is disemboweled is killed for real on-stage in front of the audience as some members of the crew are shown carrying it's carcass away from the stage. The effect is deeply disturbing. In short, absolutely no one immature, faint-hearted, young, or pregnant should view this film. It is an extremely violent and disturbing film.

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