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The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

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This summer it's not the same old bull.
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Length: 88 Minute(s)
Rocky and Bullwinkle have been living off the finances made from the reruns of their cartoon show. Boris and Natasha somehow manage to crossover into reality and team up with Fearless Leader, an evil criminal turned media mogul with some evil plans up his sleeve. Rocky and Bullwinkle must stop the three of them before they wreak havoc.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity None, though in a quick-cut introduction, a girl opens her jacket to reveal a somewhat immodest, two-piece outfit.
violence A toon mother crowns her narrator son with an iron skillet. A parody TV-show promo shows a car carrying real-life spies exploding on impact with a wall. Designed to transport cartoons onto the Internet, a computer-based superweapon zaps a character, leaving a little splatter behind (the rodent appears later inside the computer unscathed). Rocky and Bullwinkle endure abusefrom being flattened by a bus to falling from heightsbut always come out unscathed. Human characters get battered and bruised, but without fatalities (heads are conked together, two bad guys fly through panes of glass, etc.). Cartoon violence is rampant, but relatively harmless. Characters pull guns on each other, but no shots are fired.
profanity The narrator utters "damn" once for shock comic effect. Also, two crude expressions and several exclamations of "oh my god!" Also "We suck!" and "Oh crap!"
alcohol Fearless Leader smokes many cigarettes in a cigarette holder (which is true to the cartoon version of the character). Champagne is used twice to celebrate victory, first by Boris and Natasha and later by the "good guys."

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