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The intimacy of the kill

Jan 15,2009

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller

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Length: 101 Minute(s)
Russell Crowe stars as Detective Cristofuoro, a semi-retired police officer who is trying to unravel the past to discover whether a violent teenager, Eric Poole (Jon Foster), was responsible for the murder of his family. Sophie Traub co-stars as Lori, the teenage runaway who falls under Eric's spell. Based on the novel by Robert Cormier.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman lifts her shirt exposing her bra and it is implied that a man masturbates while watching her. A man caresses a woman's back with a ribbon; the woman lies on her stomach and is wearing panties. This scene is repeated. A man removes a woman's hospital gown to give her a sponge bath. Her breast is briefly exposed. There is nothing sexual about this scene. A woman takes a shower and blocks the bathroom door. She hears a noise and calls out. Nobody answers. When she gets out of the shower, the basket blocking the door has been moved implying someone had come in while she was showering. She is only shown from the shoulders up. No Nudity. A man looks out a window, and rubs his crotch. He reaches into his trousers but is interrupted when another woman walks in the room.
violence Photographs of a murder scene are shown.
profanity The usual: Hell, Damn, Shit, Fuck, etc.
alcohol A woman pretends to smoke a cigarette; she goes the motions with her hand, but is not actually holding a cigarette. (You've heard of "air guitar"? Think "air cigarette".) A woman tells a waitress "Get us a couple of beers" but the scene ends before the beers are delivered.
frightening The theme of this movie is that a young murderer has just been released from prison, and there is an ongoing feeling that he is going to murder again. A woman falls out of a boat and drowns. It is implied that she commits suicide.

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