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Straw Dogs (1971)

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No good, no bad, no justice.

Dec 29,1971

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller | Mystery

Ratings: 6.8 / 10 from

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Length: 118 Minute(s)

A young American and his English wife come to rural England and face increasingly vicious local harassment.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man is seen in his underwear and has sex with his wife in bed (not long nor graphic). A girl is shown topless before entering a shower. She walks topless in front of an open window, and is seen by some men. A married woman is raped by her former boyfriend. We see him tear off her top (bare breasts are shown, as he pins her arms at her sides) and tear off her panties (seen from the side, no real lower nudity is shown). He kisses her breasts and face. Thrusting is shown, but the scene skips from scene to scene frantically. The scene is famously controversial because the scene becomes similar to many consensual sex scenes. The second rape is anal and happens immediately after the first, by a different man. Victim clearly does not enjoy second attack. This scene is shown quickly, fragmented, and interrupted with other non-related scenes (from the waist up view). A man attempts to rape a woman and rips open her shirt (no nudity).
violence A cat is seen strangled and hanging from a wire. Some men go hunting ducks. One of them shoots at them repeatedly, and afterwards is seen holding a dying duck. The rape scene is quite violent, and has much hitting, slapping, and pulling of hair. There is also another violent rape attempt later on. It is implied that a male character has either killed or raped somebody in the past. Later in the movie, he accidentally strangles a girl. A man is hit with a car. Some men beat an injured man, but are stopped. In the climax, the violence is quite bloody, brutal, and graphic. Four men are shot, clearly with lots of blood and gore. Boiling water is thrown onto faces, and skin is seen peeling later. Two men are beaten with a fireplace poker, mostly offscreen. A man's head is caught in a trap, we see blood and he shakes.
profanity 5/10 One use of "shit", a few uses of "hell" and "damn", about 5 uses of "bastard", 2 uses of "Goddamn". Some crude sexual references.
alcohol Casual smoking, similar to many films of the 1970s. Some men get drunk and become violent. Many scenes of casual drinking.
frightening Although far from one of the most graphic movies of all time, this movie is intense, as it focuses on violence, rape, and revenge, and it contains abuse to women and animals. The rapes and the bloody climax are very intense scenes.

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