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Jul 28,2006

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

Ratings: 5.7 / 10 from

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Length: 97 Minute(s)
A prequel to the critically acclaimed series featuring Jerri Blank, a 46 year-old ex-junkie, ex-con who returns to high school in a bid to start her life over.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Two men have a secret gay relationship, in which one is married to a woman and has children. They do not kiss or anything, however. A man gets jealous over a past relationship of a man and woman, and assumes that they are talking sexually to one another when they are actually discussing work (except for a few occasions where the man talks that way on purpose to make the other jealous). A woman talks about having been a prostitute. A woman tries to have sex with a teenage boy, but nothing happens (he runs away). A woman dances suggestively (humorous matter, for a science fair introduction, which makes no sense). A woman tries to touch a teenager girls breasts (clothed). Several sexual inuendos and conversations. Overall, there are no nudity or 'sex scenes' in this movie.
violence A woman jabs a fork into the hand of a teenage boy. No blood. A group of three teenagers gang up on a boy to tease him, and to hurt him. They don't succeed in this, as a woman starts talking to them, where a boy comes up to her and tries to urinate in her locker (no nudity). She slams the locker door on his genitals, and he falls to the floor in pain. His head gets between the locker door, and the woman repeatedly slams the door on his head. There is no blood, however. Overall, there is no blood in this film. A few other mild violent scenes. The television show contains much more than what's in the movie, but it is also mild.
profanity Typical comedy and rated-R language: F**k, S**t, D**m, etc. They are not used non-stop, but are used quite frequently.
alcohol Teen smoking and drinking. Adult smoking and drinking. A woman talks of having smoked illegal drugs.
frightening The beginning shows a jail and the main character, doing time for what she did. (Illegal prostitution and drugs.) This is a comedy, so the scenes never really get 'intense'. Refer to the violence section.

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