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Apr 23,1976

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 5.9 / 10 from

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Length: 102 Minute(s)
Stay Hungry is a 1976 dramatic comedy film by director Bob Rafelson from a screenplay by Charles Gaines. The story centers on a young Birmingham, Alabama, scion, played by Jeff Bridges, who gets involved in a shady real-estate deal. In order to close the deal, he needs to buy a gym building to complete a multi-parcel lot. When he visits the gym, however, he finds himself romantically interested in the receptionist (Sally Field) and drawn to the carefree lifestyle of the Austrian body builder "Joe Santo" (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who is training there for the Mr. Universe competition.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Craig and Mary kiss passionately on the stairs, which leads to sex in bed together later. (implied but not seen) Craig and Mary are in bed together, having had sex earlier. (implied but not seen) We see Mary Tate fully nude from behind standing in front of a fireplace after getting out of bed. When she returns to bed with Craig, we see her left breast and fully nude left side as she gets under the covers. (a young Jeff Bridges seems almost uncomfortable doing this "nude" scene with Sally Fields, she is nude not him.) Mary is wearing a floor length white sheer night gown and her teal blue panties can be seen through the gown. Two women (prostitutes) show a great deal of cleavage in their dresses. One goes into a rubdown (massage room at a spa) room and takes her top off, both breasts fully exposed. She says "I ain't never had a negra date before". The black attendant pulls her panties off while she is face down on the table after he ties her hands with a rope. A man and a woman are having sex in a shower, we see them through the glass shower door. Although obscured it is clear enough to see what they are doing. The same two are laying on a work out machine, both naked, woman on top of man talking. A woman is fully nude hanging upside down by her feet in the boots of a gravity traction device. We see her from behind as a man pushes her back and forth with a pole. The black massage attendant pays each woman $20.00 as they leave the spa.
violence We see Craig get hit in the ear with a pool ball triangle during a scuffle in a bar and blood is seen flowing down his neck. Another man goes berserk and hits another man in the stomach and pulls his shirt over his head. A woman karate kicks a man in the face, blood is seen on his cheek. A man is "poked" in the groin with a pool cue, he ends up on the floor screaming in pain. Thor goes crazy after snorting some sort of inhalant, (broken similar to smelling salts) and beats Craig up while tearing the entire gym and spa apart and ends up going through the plate glass window. Mary is severely traumatized by Thor during this time although it is unclear whether it was a "sexual advance" on Thor's part or when he had ahold of her from behind and seriously scaring her
profanity This movie was filmed in 1975 (released in 1976). In one scene a black man is described as a "negra" followed by some other derogatory descriptive words and names. Quite a few mild cuss words such as ass, damn, BS, tits, hell, piss me off and variants of these words.
alcohol Several people drink alcohol in a bar.
frightening Craig's ear is bloody from a bar fight. Two men attack another man in the dark of a closed office.

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