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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond The Game

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Let The Hunt Begin

Sep 19,2013

Hollywood Movies | Action | Sci-Fi | Animation

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Length: 101 Minute(s)
Jango Fett, the most feared and fearless bounty hunter in the galaxy. His mission is to find the leader of a mysterious and deadly cult. Armed with an array of deadly skills, his blaster and jetpack, Jango Fett faces off against the scum of the interstellar underworld to hunt down and destroy a deranged dark Jedi.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The woman you are chasing after for the whole game eventually catches you and ties you to a chair. She climbs onto your lap and says lightly sensual things.
violence There is typical Star Wars violence, mostly laser beams, but grenades can be used as well as a flamethrower and death darts which instantly kill most victims. in the Coruscant city level there are many non player characters of which the player can choose to mass murder, making this level more violent than others.
profanity None.
alcohol You go to a Death Stick factory, which is a type of drug. The drug is never shown being used.
frightening There are quite a few boss battles that are frightening, and at one point, zombie like things will swarm all over you.